Our vision is to provide a warm, welcoming, secure environment where children will recognise and achieve their full potential.

Our purpose is to prepare children to meet the challenge of a changing world and make a positive contribution to society.



All inclusive







Environmentally friendly


  • To create a happy, secure, supportive and stimulating school   environment where children can develop physically, socially and  intellectually at their own rate.

  • To provide religious and moral education whereby children will acquire a reasoned set of moral values and beliefs.

  • To provide a broad and balanced curriculum with clearly defined   aims developing basic skills, knowledge, concepts, attitudes and values  related to the areas of study of the Northern Ireland Curriculum   appropriate to each pupil’s level of development.

  • To maintain a balance between practical/formal teaching and between      integrated/subject based work so providing a variety of experiences.

  • To develop the individual pupil’s self-confidence, initiative,  independence and self-discipline.

  • To prepare children for life instilling within them good work/study  habits and by creating valuable interests and hobbies whereby each child   may achieve success in a variety of contexts.

  • To enable children to respect and value themselves and others so developing within each pupil courtesy, good citizenship and social responsibility.

  • To enable children to appreciate, value and care for their  environment.

  • To help each child become aware of his/her own culture and heritage  and provide opportunities to become aware of other cultures and heritages  so enabling pupils to appreciate and tolerate the views/traditions of   others.

  • To build and foster links between home, school and the community