Little Acorns Playgroup is situated in a rural location,  it is accommodated in a mobile within its own grounds adjoining  Castleroe Primary School, Coleraine.

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The leader is Miss Ellen Hooley and she is assisted by  Miss Jolene McLaughlin.

In a recent Inspection Report 2012 it was reported that “The staff create a very well organised, stimulating and attractive learning environment with distinct areas for play. The high quality of the staff’s interaction with the children is a key strength of the playgroup. The staff are effective in promoting the children’s language, thinking and learning as they engage in sustained conversations with them. The whole class group sessions are managed well.”

Key strengths included “the very positive ethos and happy family atmosphere based on caring relationships between the staff and the children and the attractive, well resourced and stimulating learning environment and the promotion of the children’s oral language and their interest in the natural environment.”

Contact details:

+44 28 7055 8749

We are proud to work with Little Acorns to offer before and after school care to support working families.  Little Acorns offers and affordable, welcoming child care service within our school grounds.  Get in touch with Miss Hooley at Little Acorns or Mrs Williams at Castleroe PS to find out more.